Do I live in the country

Some really good friends from Ohio got into town last night, they are going to be staying for the weekend.  Hurray! Mark and I were so excited that they were able to come.

Mark was showing them around the house.  Our guest room is down in the basement.  Now if you’ll remember a few weeks ago we had a little visitor to our basement of the slithering variety.  So, this topic was of course disused.  We laughed and moved on with showing the basement.

Now my kids also have some toy black rats.  Don’t ask me why we have toy black rats, I hate them.  Mark wanted them for a project and I being the good wife got them for him.  He never finished the project and they ended up in the kids toys.  Yuck!!!

As we round a corner in the basement we come across the before mentioned black rat laying.  Jokes are made we laugh.  Round another corner.  Real dead mouse.  Yuck!  What is with my house and critters.   They really need to learn that this house is not very hospitable to them.

We also learned there is a family of raccoons in our neighborhood.  We were standing on our back deck last night and glanced over at the neighbors back deck, five raccoons are enjoying a snack.

When I mowed the Lawn yesterday there was a turtle in the yard.  The kids were all scared of it, thinking it might snap at them.  They all stood on the deck afraid of it.

You would think I lived in the country and not 50 feet from the interstate, in a subdivision.


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