I Do Take Two

Last night our church had a renewing of the vows ceremony called I Do Take Two, for all the couples who wanted to participate.  Mark and I thought it would be neat to renew our vows, as in the last almost eight years of marriage we have gone through some rough patches in our marriage.

We got all dressed up, even the kids.  Ally wore the flower girl dress from our wedding that my little sister had worn.  The boys wore suits.  Mark wore his tux.  I wish I could have worn my wedding dress, but it was almost comical when I tried it on.  So A white dress was good enough.

After we were all dressed Ally asked Jayden if he would marry her.  No Ally, Jayden is your brother you can’t marry him.  So she wanted to know if she could marry Timmy, again you can’t marry your brother.  She threw her hands up in the air and says “well who am I going to marry then?”  After we talked for now she is ok with waiting till she is and adult.

It was a lot of fun to renew our vows with our kids present.  We laughed through much of it as the kids were not much for sitting too still.  It was also fun to see so many other couples renew their vows and their commitment  to each other, God, and their families.  I think it is so important for children to see the commitment of their parents to each other.  I am thankful that I was able to see it in my own parents and also in my In-laws.  I want to have a marriage that my kids can look at and see how God intended marriage to be.


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