So are you going to dump tea on my head?

So to actually get the full meaning of this story I must first back track a few weeks back.

Mark was home with the kids, while I was out shopping.  He sat down to play the piano and Jessica (9months old at the time)  crawls up to him.  He reached down and touched her head, it was wet and sticky.  So he went into the dinning room where Ally  and Jay were at and asked what happened.  Always the protective brother spilled the beans, Ally had poured some of her tea on Jessica’s head.  WHAT??? What would posses  a child to put tea on the babies head?  I have no idea.

But onward with the story.  Mark in his great wisdom, marched Allyson into the bathroom, clothes and all put her into the bath tub, and dumped a cup of tea on her head.  They then had a talk about how she liked it and if she thought Jessica liked it, and we don’t put our food on peoples heads.

And thus we make it to tonight’s dinner.  The boys’ were finished eating, and had had their treat.  I told Ally to hurry and finish her dinner and then she could have her treat, I left to get the boys started in their bath.  I return to find Ally done with her dinner and her plate on at the sink.  So I get her treat ready and bring it to her at the table.  As I turn I notice Jessica has food on her plate that I had not given her.  Hhmmmm.  “Ally did you eat your dinner or did you just give it to Jessica?”  Mind you I had already checked the trash to make sure she hadn’t put it in their before giving her the treat.  She is a sneaky little girl I’m telling you, although by looking at her you would never believe me.

As the tears started I was assured that my daughter had indeed scraped her plate of pulled pork onto the babies plate.  We had a little talk about not lying to Mommy, and that we don’t give the baby food unless Mommy says it’s ok.  Ally looks up at me with a tear streaked face and asks “Mommy are you going to dump tea on my head?”  Now why would I dump tea on my daughters head for lying to me? No dear I’m not going to dump tea on your head why would I do that?  Ally still with tear streaked cheeks “That’s what Daddy does”.



  1. Sean Said:

    Hilarious :))

  2. Joy Said:

    Oh my goodness! Has it been 8 years ALREADY?! Where does the time go?! So happy for you guys 🙂

  3. Joy Said:

    ok – I commented on the wrong post 🙂

    My comment for this post is – I can just see Mark pouring tea on her head thinking it would be a great lesson. ROFL. Just the type of parent I thought he would be. LOL.

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