Lightning Bugs and Swimming Kewels

Last night we had a family night.  We went shopping.  Not a normal beginning to a family night, which normally consists of staying home and watching movies or playing games together.  But last night we were on a mission.

With the weather warming up the kids have been asking for a swimming pool, or in Timmy’s case a swimming Kewel.  My adorable son has turned a two syllable word into a three. Making him all the more adorable. So off we went to fulfill the request in what I was thinking of would be a small fun little pool for the kids. What we came home with was not quite my idea of small, this thing when set up in my backyard which is not the most even surface even has a deep end and a shallow end.

As we were setting up we started to see firefly’s so were trying to catch them.  Such a fun family night.  Now today we get to try out our new swimming pool.

ALSO – I tried to load a video of the kids catching fireflys and the swimming Kewel, but am having problems so if you go to the flickr stream you can view it there.


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