I Got him Daddy!

Oh to know the thoughts of a child.

I asked Mark to go to the store to pick up a few things for me.  He decided to take our 2 year old Timmy with him.  They got what they needed and were standing in line to check out. Mark was watching the person in front of him check out while Timmy played around his feet, so he knew right where he was.

He heard the man behind him in line start saying, whoa, whoa there buddy.  Turing around he encounters Timmy punching and wailing on the man behind him in line.  After proceeding to stop Timmy from his attack, Timmy looks up at Mark and says “I got him Daddy”.

Thankfully the man also had a two year old and was not put out any by my sons attack.  I am still wondering what was going through my child’s thoughts.  Timmy is normally shy slightly shy around people he does not know.  So what perceived threat did he think this man presented.


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