Eat Apples and Pancakes

“Is today Daddy’s stay at home day?”  I wake up almost daily to this question.  My kids want and anticipate the weekends when Daddy can stay at home and we get to hang out as a family for more than just an hour or so before bedtime.  Mark has been gone the last two weekends working his second job, painting. His absence has made our time together even more important to them.

Last night we asked our kids what family meant, and what they thought God wanted our family to be.  Jay the oldest, started it out with “all get together and have fun together”.  It continued with a few specific ways that we could spend time together, watch movies together, eat treats, play in the backyard and such.  Then Tim my two-year old chimed in, “eat apples and pancakes”.  Timmy likes to bring food into most conversation, especially pancakes.

We moved on to how we should treat each other and got responses of behave, obey, love, be kind, share.  Then again Tim had to add is two cents, “Be kings and get swords”.  We tried to ask Tim in a different way, ” What does God want our family to be like?”  He thought about it for a moment and said “be nice, behave and shoot him”.

Well that went well.  Our family is going to be quite unique.  We are going to eat apples and pancakes, be kings and have swords, and I still am not sure who we are supposed to shoot.

It was fun to sit down with the kids and hear from them what they really think about family at their young ages.  Time spent together.



  1. Joel Said:

    lol This was awesome… kings and have swords….I love that. Like a lot…

  2. Shelli Said:

    I think Timmy is right on target! LOL

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