You can’t spank me mom….

We often wonder if our children actually listen to us, understand what we say, and can implement it into their lives.  I know most times I doubt that I am getting through to my young children.  Then in a moment I am proven wrong.  Sometimes not at the most convenient time for me.

My children had been attending a Bible study with me about the book of John.  Learning about Jesus’ death and resurrection.  I asked them each day as we were leaving what they had learned, usually getting a basic “about Jesus”  response or the even better ” I don’t remember”.  Really you can’t remember anything you learned?  We just left.

Well my three year old daughter a few days later had directly disobeyed me.  So I sat her down and we had a talk about what she had done and why she had done it.  It ended with me asking her what happens now that she had disobeyed.  After contemplating for a moment she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said “but Mommy Jesus died on the cross, you can’t spank me”.

So I was reminded that just because they don’t have the answer when you ask them.  They do remember what you as a parent or their teachers are telling them.



  1. Susan Said:

    Good Stuff Cole!!

  2. Sarah Said:

    Thats hilarious! and very cool that she gets it!

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